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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

L.A. model fingers 'up skirt' photos perp!

This is the story of a US model who found herself being snapped up the nether regions by some weirdo with an iPad when in her local pet shop. She reported the incident to the police but they advised her they'd struggle to track him down.

As you can see, she's pretty and also as it turns out, a resourceful lady and managed to track down the unauthorised snapper by searching through LinkedIn based on details she remembered from a comapny ID badge he'd been wearing. More on the story here

WTF? UK Librarians list of top 100 websites to understand the year 2013!

You can find the list at

What we don't get its how websites such as Argos can be regarded as crucial reading for future generations who want to understand life in 2013!! Perhaps if www.roulettecamchat had made the list for our free camroulette service we'd be more understanding but then again, how many librarians do you know who chatroulette ;-)

Peeping Toms fall through toilet ceiling

Can you believe it. These two numpties earned themselves a trip to the Sheriffs Dept after alledgedly trying to spy on the ladies in a Cinemas toilets.

It's a serious allegation but we can't help chuckling at the amazing sketch by the news reporter explaining how they did it (here)

Beer drones are the future for chat roulette!

So the RCC Team is back in town and what better way to get back in blog saddle than to tell you about the Beer drones taht are plannned for use in the OppiKoppi Music Festival in August 2013.

We'd like to think that this service will soon be available to help refresh us during our marathon chatroulette session on - check out the service below and tell us what you think.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Better off with chatroulette than using Apple iOS 6 Maps

So the point here is that Australian police have warned against using Apple Maps as they've taken people to the wrong destination. So what you say...well it's 70km from the intended destination and the sort of place that requires you to be knowledgeable in how to make untreated water safe for drinking (if you haven't brought sufficient supplies of your own)!!

It's not a joke and the RCC crew is not laughing.....well we are really. See for yourselves

After 18 years of marriage, hubby finds out wife was born a man :-O

18 years of marriage with all its' 'up and downs' and then you find out ya misses used to have some extra bits. Sends a shiver down our spines and all we can say is 'yikes' but sounds like the 'Crocodile Dundee' test wouldn't have helped on this one!

The 'croc dundee' test in action

More here (google translate time)

Professional Fart Smeller - Yup it's a real job!!

Well the RCC gang couldn't believe it but apparently you can get paid to be a professional fart smeller. The problem for the lads here though is that they'd contaminate the work environment with their own samples!!

If you're thinking of a career change, you can read more here!